Saturday, 18/11/2017 | 2:45 UTC-5

Welcome to the New and Improving Canada Small Business Summit – Bringing Canada to the World.

Canada Small Business Summit - Bringing Canada to the worldThe Canada Small Business Summit (SBS Canada) is undergoing some great changes right now which are really exciting. The organization is run predominantly by volunteers who have valuable experience to share with Canadians coast-to-coast and SBS Canada does not receive $1 of grants or subsidization from any government body. All our costs are covered by the Events we host and from our very much appreciated Sponsors, whom we could not exist without.

Our Purpose: The Canada Small Business Summit is an organization which was created to help small businesses through holding workshops and events in various regions of Canada with one goal in mind – to help grow Canadian businesses in the National and Global Market.

SBS Canada is constantly evolving as we know that remaining agile is the only way to survive and make a difference today. If you note any areas of opportunity to improve our website or our services we truly would like to hear from you. Constructive criticism is always welcome – we promise, you will not hurt our feelings.

Would you like your company to Sponsor the Canada Small Business Summit?  Interested to know what’s in it for you?

There are many benefits to becoming a Sponsor of SBS Canada, we have outlined the Sponsorship Packages we have available along with the benefits of sponsorship.

We rely on the private sector for our funding so that we can be more responsive and cater to the needs of Small Business owners without having to be concerned in meeting the restrictions placed when organizations such as ours, receive funding from the Canadian Government.  This does leave our organization more vulnerable however and without Sponsors such as you, we would not be able to offer our services.   Read more>>

Are you interested in having your company be an Event Exhibitor at a Canada Small Business Summit production?

We hold National Trade Shows in which your company can be Event Exhibitor and get in front of thousands of prospective businesses who may be interested in your product or service.  We hold two major events per year and below we have outlined the agenda for the coming shows.  Pricing will vary by venue so if you are interested in getting pricing, please complete the form below so that we can get you the information you need.   Read more>>

Have something to say and you are looking for an audience?  Be a Canada Small Business Summit Exhibition Speaker

The Small Business Summit Canada is an ideal forum for an Exhibition Speaker to present ideas and theories to share the knowledge.  We have openings at each event we host for up-and-coming business people to present their ideas to our visitors.  If this idea appeals to you, we would like to hear from you.  Read more>>

Are you interested in publishing your articles where they will be read and appreciated (plus get a couple of free links)?  Be a Content Contributor for the Canada Small Business Summit.

SBS Canada is looking for persons who are wanting to be a Content Contributor to our article bank.  If you are interested in being a Content Contributor, we are interested in publishing your work.   Read more>>

Volunteer Opportunities: Looking for some valuable work experience or something to fill some extra time you have?

The Canada Small Business Summit would like to have you. We have plenty of different Volunteer Opportunities available depending on your skill set and what you would like to do.

As SBS Canada, we do not rely on grants from government agencies to support the costs of providing assistance to Canadian Small Businesses.  Instead, we rely on the generous contributions of Volunteers and Organization Sponsorships.  Read more>>