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Content Contributor - Small Business Summit Canada

Are you interested in publishing your articles where they will be read and appreciated (plus get a couple of free links)?  Be a Content Contributor for SBS Canada.

SBS Canada is looking for persons who are wanting to be a Content Contributor to our article bank.  If you are interested in being a Content Contributor, we are interested in publishing your work.  In order to be published, articles must meet the following guidelines:


All content that is published for a Content Contributor on the Small Business Summit Canada website must be 100% exclusively owned by you. The content that is submitted may be published elsewhere, but must share the same author name everywhere it is published. If you published your article elsewhere and did not include your name, we will not publish your article on our platform. It is important that you own your content no matter where you publish it.

Only informative content, which is defined as written material that offers tips, strategies, techniques, case studies, analysis, opinions, or commentary on topics within an area of expertise. This content must provide real value to the reader beyond common sense tips and general information.

Must Have Proper English, Which Includes Proper Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, Capitalization and Sentence Structure.

Must Not Contain Self-Serving or Promotional Content in the Article Title or Body

Must Not Contain Negative Content Towards any Product, Company, Individual, or Group.

Must Not Contain Profanity or Pornographic Material.

Must Not Contain Illegal or Overly Controversial Content.

Must Not Contain Rehashed Content, or Material Overly Similar to your Prior Submissions.

Must Not be Formatted as a Blog Post or Read as a Personal Email, Letter or Other Correspondence.

Must Not Contain Information that Promotes Unethical Internet Activities, Business Practices or Anything that Would Create a Poor User Experience for Web Users.


Article Titles: The title is responsible for the first impression readers have of the article. It gives the reader a set of expectations:  what the content will be, how it will be useful to them, the tone and style of the writing, etc. Readers will use these expectations to determine what value they are going to get from the article and whether it is worth reading or not. Titles can draw readers to your article content or drive them away.

Article Body:

Word Count – The article body must be a minimum of 500 words and no more than 5,000 words. We recommend articles 500-700 words in length. These articles are long enough to provide essential information to readers, while being brief enough to be compatible with the average Internet user’s reading habits.

HTML Tags in the Article Body – Properly used HTML can separate sections of your article and bring the reader’s attention to important points. Used sparingly, HTML creates an easily read, visually appealing article.

The following HTML tags ARE allowed in the article body:

  • < b >BOLD< /b > – For displaying text in boldface.
  • < strong >STRONG< /strong > – For emphasizing text in boldface.
  • < i >ITALICS< /i > – For displaying text in italics.
  • < em >EMPHASIS< /em > – For emphasizing text in italics.
  • < u >UNDERLINE< /u > – For displaying underlined text.
  • < pre > and< /pre > For maintaining spaces and returns in original text and aligning a text-table.
  • < blockquote >For setting off a block of text on a page and for displaying HTML code as examples, (HTML code will not translate into commands
  • < ol > < ul >For creating a NUMBERED LIST or a BULLET POINT list.

The following HTML tags ARE NOT allowed in any form.

  • < img alt=”” / > or other IMG tags are NOT allowed.
  • size, face, or color tags are NOT allowed.
  • < h1,2,3 >, etc. or HEADER tags are NOT allowed.
  • HORIZONTAL rule or line tags are NOT allowed.
  • tags are NOT allowed anywhere in your submission.
  • Emoticons are not used in professional writing, so they do not belong in your article. Any emoticons inserted into the article body or summary will be removed.


At the end of your submission, please list your keywords and place a comma between each keyword to separate them.

Ideally, your keywords should be optimized based on the most commonly searched keywords. It helps to use a good keyword research tool to help you determine which keywords are best to use.

You may provide up to 5 keyword / Meta tags.

Keywords cannot be completely unrelated to the content of your article.

Resource Box

The Resource Box is the appropriate place for authors to promote their link, product, business, or website. All self-serving content within the submission should be located in the Resource Box, found at the bottom of your article.

Tips and Recommendations:

Length – The length of a Resource Box should not exceed 15% of the total article body and can be a maximum of 200 words. If you attempt to submit a Resource Box that is too large, the article will be denied.

Author Names Must Match – The author name listed in the byline MUST be the same as the author in the Resource Box. The Resource Box should make it clear as to who wrote the content in the article body. To avoid reader confusion, do not list another person or company in the Resource Box without clarifying who wrote the article itself.

Website Links:

URL Structure, Formatting, and Placement:

You may include a total of two active links in your article. This includes BOTH the article body and the Resource Box. Inactive links will be removed.
Reserve Self-Serving Links for the Resource Box – The best place for your self-serving links is in the Resource Box (below the Article Body). A maximum of one self-serving link is allowed in the Article Body.

As a Content Contributor, we hope that you will appreciate the guidelines and know that your article publication will only be accompanied by other high quality materials.   Doing so, enhances the quality of your materials as well.

Sponsors are the life-blood of Small Business Summit Canada. Without the generous support of the organizations who see the value that SBS Canada brings and can appreciate that we do not receive government grants by choice, the Canadian Small Business Summit would not exist. If you are interested to learn more, on the image to the right.

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Are you interested in being an Exhibitor at SBS Canada events? The Canadian Business Summit is held in various locations across the country and is an excellent opportunity to get in front of potential customers and business partners in Canada. If this interests you, please click on the image to the right to see upcoming events.

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The Exhibitions at the Canadian Small Business Summit bring presenters from across the country and around the world. They speak on subjects of new trends, up-and-coming technologies as well as remedies for issues experienced by businesses. You do not need to be an Exhibitor to be a presenter at a SBS Canada event. If you would like more information on the subject, click on the image to the right.

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Have something to say but cannot make it out to present at one of the Small Business Summit Events? Why not write about your topic and publish it on Better yet, present your article as a teaser for your Presentation and Exhibition at the Small Business Summit! For more information on how to submit your Content, click the image to the right.

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Volunteers run the Small Business Summit. We are always seeking individuals to assist with running SBS Canada and have need for varying skill sets from Content Review and Editing, Event Coordination, Telephone and Email Support, Website Management and more. If you are looking to develop experience for your resume or have time and expertise you want to share as a Mentor, we would like to hear from you. There is no commitment on the amount of time you must contribute. You can make your self available as much as you would like. Please click the image to the right for more information.

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