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Volunteer Opportunities: Looking for some valuable work experience or something to fill some extra time you have?

I want to Volunteer - Small Business Summit Canada

The Small Business Summit Canada would like to have you. We have plenty of different Volunteer Opportunities available depending on your skill set and what you would like to do.

As SBS Canada, we do not rely on grants from government agencies to support the costs of providing assistance to Canadian Small Businesses.  Instead, we rely on the generous contributions of Volunteers and Organization Sponsorships.

At the moment, we are going through many changes and due to this, we have many opportunities for those who are looking to gain valuable experience and skill building for job skill enhancement.   If you are looking to build your experience section of your resume, we may be able to assist you with that.

If you have time that you are looking to fill with an activity that will allow you to Mentor and Assist companies, that would be a great help as well.

You can do as little as an hour or two a month or as much as you like. Best of all, there are many positions available you can fill right from your own home or office.

Some of the Volunteer Opportunities available are as follows:

Telephone / Email Support.

In this position you would return phone calls and / or emails to persons inquiring about the various services offered, events and the like. If you speak a language pair with one on your languages being English it would be an asset, though not required.

Volunteer Telephone / Email Support

Website content editing.

Do you like proof-reading? Is grammar and spelling something you are strong in? We need people to review submissions of Content from Article Writers as well as people to critique the website for any errors.

Website Content Editor for Small Business Summit Canada

Website content creation.

Do you like to write about business related topics? We are always looking for new content.

Volunteer Content Creator for Small Business Summit Canada

Website management.

Are you familiar with WordPress, html and computer programs such as MS Office? We are always looking for those that can assist with doing updates to our website so if this interests you, let us know.

Volunteer Website Managers Small Business Summit Canada

Event coordinators and support persons.

Do you like organizing events or helping out at events? If you would like to help with various details such as making telephone calls, emails, or helping out at events we hold, it would be a great help.

Volunteer Event Coordinators for Small Business Summit Canada

Local representation agents.

We always need people in the various regions of Canada who are interested to help with the growth of the Small Business Summit in Canada. Perhaps you belong to a local business association or you are a service provider looking for ways to promote your business. Volunteering at SBS Canada may be a benefit to you.

Local Representative Volunteers for Small Business Summit Canada

If you do not see a Volunteer Opportunities that interests you, we would still like to hear from you, perhaps there is a position available which is not listed.

Volunteer Opportunities at Small Business Summit Canada

Sponsors are the life-blood of Small Business Summit Canada. Without the generous support of the organizations who see the value that SBS Canada brings and can appreciate that we do not receive government grants by choice, the Canadian Small Business Summit would not exist. If you are interested to learn more, on the image to the right.

Contact Us -Be a Sponsor of Small Business Summit Canada

Are you interested in being an Exhibitor at SBS Canada events? The Canadian Business Summit is held in various locations across the country and is an excellent opportunity to get in front of potential customers and business partners in Canada. If this interests you, please click on the image to the right to see upcoming events.

Contact Us - Be an Exhibitor at a SBS Canada Upcoming Event

The Exhibitions at the Canadian Small Business Summit bring presenters from across the country and around the world. They speak on subjects of new trends, up-and-coming technologies as well as remedies for issues experienced by businesses. You do not need to be an Exhibitor to be a presenter at a SBS Canada event. If you would like more information on the subject, click on the image to the right.

Contact Us -Be an Speaker at a SBS Canada Upcoming Event

Have something to say but cannot make it out to present at one of the Small Business Summit Events? Why not write about your topic and publish it on Better yet, present your article as a teaser for your Presentation and Exhibition at the Small Business Summit! For more information on how to submit your Content, click the image to the right.

Contact Us - Be an Content Writer at a SBS Canada Upcoming Event

Volunteers run the Small Business Summit. We are always seeking individuals to assist with running SBS Canada and have need for varying skill sets from Content Review and Editing, Event Coordination, Telephone and Email Support, Website Management and more. If you are looking to develop experience for your resume or have time and expertise you want to share as a Mentor, we would like to hear from you. There is no commitment on the amount of time you must contribute. You can make your self available as much as you would like. Please click the image to the right for more information.

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